Cavs Next Move May Be Their Biggest Yet

David Griffin

The Cleveland Cavaliers have just parted ways with their General Manager David Griffin. Griffin spent three years with the organization after taking over for former GM Chris Grant.

Cleveland has found themselves mixing and matching quite often in the past two years; will these moves really pay off in the long run?

It is rumored that the Cavs may pursue Chauncey Billups to replace Griffin. He would serve as the organization’s head of Basketball Operations; this could be a mistake.

Mr. Big Shot Chauncey Billups has proven to be a hall of fame point guard and great basketball mind; however, Billups has not proven himself behind the scenes in his career. Billups has done a stand-up job as television analyst, but his skill in the front office has yet to be seen. This raises the question, is this what the Cavs need at this point in time?

Last year the team fired their head coach David Blatt midway through the season and promoted Tyronn Lue to head coach; the team had a magical year and went on to comeback from a 3-1 deficit to defeat the powerhouse Warriors. Was this the move that allowed them to do it? No it was not.

The team followed up their magical 2016 NBA Finals win with a second place finish in their regular season Conference record, and a second place finish in the NBA finals. The team went under .500 on the road (20-21), and did not look like the team they seemed poised to be the year before. The roster did not change much, they did not lose any major players, and they may have even gotten better on paper when they acquired former All-Stars Deron Williams and Kyle Korver.

Lue simply did not get it done. The team looked in disarray throughout most of the season and struggled to find their identity. The Cavs coasted through the Eastern Conference Playoffs. With that lineup it is pretty safe to say anyone could have done what they did. When push came to shove in the Finals it truly appeared as though the Cavs were outmatched and out coached.

This brings us to today. The Cavs took a chance on an unproven coach who did in fact lead the team to the NBA Finals, but did not seem to come prepared to his follow-up season. Now the team faces the decision of who they will select to replace former General Manager David Griffin.

This choice is pivotal. Lebron James is 32 and seems to be playing the best basketball of his life, but realistically how long can this last? The Cavs need to win today. They have a solid core with arguably the most prolific trio in the league. They need a decision maker who will push the right buttons; if they don’t they have everything to lose.

Lebron could walk. Lebron has done it before and he could do it again. If Lebron James feels that this team lacks direction, he could take his talents to wherever his heart desires. This would leave the team in shambles like he did in 2010. Kyrie is great; but he is no Lebron James, period.

With the Eastern Conference improving, teams like the Celtics and Wizards are one major player away from being legitimate threats to the Cavs in the East. Boston is reportedly exploring options to trade their draft pick to secure a major wing player to complement Isaiah Thomas and the Celtics. If the Celtics could land Jimmy Butler, Gordon Hayward, Paul George or any similar talent then they could arguably become the new favorites in the East, bringing Lebron James’ reign of terror to an end.

Cleveland Cavaliers you are on the clock. This is your game to lose. This decision could determine this franchises’ short term and long term future.


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