It’s Viva Las Vegas for the NHL


The NHL wants a piece of the action.

The Las Vegas Golden Knights made their expansion picks, and now, they have a team. The NHL’s newest team is set to play in the T Mobile Arena in the heart of Las Vegas starting in September 2017, and the NHL is looking to cash in.

Sports betting is big business in Nevada; and business is good. A record $439.5 Million was bet in the March, mainly because of march madness.

The NHL is looking to cash in on the allure of sports betting, when the Golden Knights begin their inaugural season. NHL viewership is up, but the addition of a sports team in Las Vegas may make things a little bit more interesting for viewers.

Boxing and UFC have done great in Las Vegas. This is in part due to the amount of betting action these fights get. The estimated amount of bets taken in when Floyd Mayweather fought Manny Pacquiao was a whopping $70 Million. That was just one fight.

Sports betting keeps things interesting for many viewers; and the viewers that didn’t give hockey a chance before, are certainly more inclined to do so now. The NHL and the Las Vegas Knights are going all in, but our guess is that they are going to hit blackjack on this wager.

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