Portland Stars Eyeing Melo


CJ Mccollum is causing a stir on social media today, posting an Instagram picture of Carmelo Anthony in a Portland Trailblazers jersey. The picture was also ‘liked’ by co-star Damian Lillard.

Carmelo Anthony has been the talk of many trade scenarios; the most recent scenario has Melo potentially landing in Portland to play alongside star guards Damian Lillard and C. J. Mccollum.

C.J. Mccollum and Carmelo Anthony have the same skills trainer, Chris Brickley. Both Anthony and Mccollum frequently train out of Lifetime Athletics in New York, NY and could have discussed the reality of this scenario in person.

Portland has been seeking trades to improve their firepower and Carmelo Anthony would certainly make their team significantly stronger. The Blazers have been shopping around Queens native Maurice Harkless who the Blazers signed last year to a 4 year $40 Million dollar deal.

Carmelo would have to waive his no trade clause to OK the deal to the Blazers. It will be interesting to see in the upcoming weeks whether Melo will be with the Rockets, Cavs, Trailblazers, Knicks, or another team.

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